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Monday, January 14th 2008

Uploading 4,600 photos to Flickr

After having spent many, many hours keywording all my photos using Lightroom, I have now uploaded all the photos to Flickr. (Here’s why I didn’t go with Zooomr.)

Obviously I had to get a Pro account for unlimited uploading and storage. With the dollar being so cheap though it was a steal at SEK 160.

The uploading of my ~4,600 photos took roughly four whole days and nights on my … umm, modest Internet connection. (2 Mbps down, 256 kbps up.)

Now I have a wonderful, searchable, keyworded archive of all the photos that I’ve taken with my dear EOS 30D. Here, for instance, is a search for leaf:

Flickr screenshot, warped in Photoshop

Both Flickr and Zooomr have pretty nice AJAX style uploading. Flickr’s would only (?) take 400 or so photos in one go. I uploaded the photos as private, but allowed friends to see them all. I have then gone through them all and (so far) selected 673 photos that I’ve made public.

One really nice thing is that I can write captions for the photos in Lightroom, and when I export the photos the caption is saved to the IPTC info, which Flickr reads and understands. Three cheers for standards and compatibility!

Monday, January 14th 2008

Flickr Won Me Over

Even though I had already paid for a Pro account at Zooomr, I ended up going with Flickr for my online archive/backup.

I usually go with the underdog, which would be Zooomr in this case. Mainly because the underdog usually works harder and more often thinks out of the box in order to win people over.

Zooomr does have free, unlimited photo hosting. And you only pay once to get a Pro account, not anually as with Flickr. But Zooomr has a few annoyances that put me off it.

  1. Zooomr doesn’t cope with Swedish characters (å, ä and ö) in the IPTC tags of uploaded photos.
  2. Zooomr doesn’t display EXIF data in a readable way.

When half the point of uploading the photos was to make them searchable, those bugs are pretty serious. I’ve spoken to Kristopher, the founder and developer behind Zooomr, and it didn’t sound like the EXIF bug was very high up on their to-do-list. So Zooomr will have to wait for now.

If and when they fix those two bugs (which were the only bugs as far as I could see) I might decide to make a second backup on Zooomr. The (future) possibility to sell photos on Zooomr (Marketplace) definitely sounds interesting anyway. Until then I’ll at least be following the Zooomr blog closely. The upcoming Zooomr Mark IV (aka 2008) release might be just what I need. Who knows.

Wednesday, September 5th 2007

Uploading All My Photos to Zooomr

Screenshot of zooomr start page

I’ve had this idea for a while now, to upload every single photograph in my archive to Zooomr. (Zooomr is a free photo hosting service with no limits!)

There are two reasons I want to do this: It would give me an online backup of all my photos. (In case my computer gets stolen and my parents house burns down. At the same time.) Secondly, it would allow me to tag and organize the photos better than with any (cheap/free) software I’ve found so far.

(FastStone is a great photo viewer, but doesn’t allow tags. Google’s Picasa almost lets you tag photos, but it’s more a matter of filing the photos into different albums. I want tags! How hard can it be? If you know of any photo organizers that have a tagging, please let me know! My email address is in the right hand column.)

I first tested Zooomr quite a while ago, and it seemed like a nice system. But I never got round to actually uploading all my ~4200 photos. Until now.

This morning I had a bit of spare time (just like I have every morning…) so I got started on the serious uploading.

I could have uploaded all the photos to my free account, without paying anything. But I felt I wanted to show my support for their awesome service, so I paid $20 for the symbolic Pro membership. ($20 is nothing in Swedish money these days. I might even donate some more if I really like what I see…)

Well, so far so good. Zooomr’s uploading page is wonderful. You can select loads of images at a time and upload them in one (slow) swoop:

Screenshot of zooomr infinite upload page

(It complained when I tried to select all 492 photos from December 2006, but happily did 164 from June 2006.)

You can also choose to apply a certain set of tags to all the images you are uploading. These can of course be edited later if you should happen to mark 164 photos with the wrong tag. Like I did.

I’ll write soon again with more thoughts on Zooomr when I’ve used it a bit more.