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Thursday, March 12th 2009

Fun with Google

Google Suggest can be pretty funny …

screenshot of Google suggesting funny options

Tuesday, February 24th 2009

Begriplig Svenska Fail vid 14-tiden i dag:

Skärmdump från med det underskattade ordet eklatera.

Eller var det bara jag som inte visste vad eklatera betyder?

Thursday, November 20th 2008


Aftonbladets rubriksättare visar än en gång sin kompetens:

headline fail aftonbladet

Svensk bebis född
I luften

Wednesday, October 1st 2008

Snygg bild

skärmdump på en ful bild på

Friday, September 26th 2008

Jettefånig rubrik

På i dag:

screenshot from

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008


XKCD nr 479

More great strips at XKCD.

Tuesday, April 10th 2007

Google Humour

Ask a silly question, get a silly answer. (Click for the fun.)

Cropped screenshot of Google Maps showing driving instructions from New York to London

Sunday, June 4th 2006

Open Source and Microsoft

Role reversal. This comic strip really nails it.

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006

10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Photographer

Photodoto (which is a great photography blog, btw) has a great post with 10 ways to tell if you’re a photographer.

Although I don’t yet have a digital, I know I’ll be guilty of most of those points when I finally get one… 🙂 Apart from the one about the car… I don’t own a car.

Tuesday, May 16th 2006

Muchos Funny: BBC Mixup

The BBC made a bit of a mess (and a very funny story) when they got mixed up, and interviewed the wrong guy on the news. Here’s the full story for you, with a video clip of the broadcast.

Wednesday, January 18th 2006


Screenshot from

I guess I did.

Thursday, November 3rd 2005

Sony: Oh The Irony

Sony CD Walkman D-NE700

Found some gold material. The following is a translation of a paragraph in the manual for my Sony CD Walkman (D-NE700):

Audio CDs with Digital Rights Management Technology

This product has been manufactured for playback of discs which adhere to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Recently, some record companies have started selling Audio CDs with digital rights management. Please note that these discs do not adhere to the CD standard, and therefore may not be playable on this product.

Does that mean I won’t be able to play back Sony’s own CDs on my Sony CD Walkman? Heh. Sony are so way off track they’ll need a fleet of GPS satellites to find their way back. Over the years they have made many good CD Walkmans (Walkmen?), and the one I’ve got now is actually superb. I can play mp3s until my ears bleed if I’d like to. (As long as I’ve got the AVLS turned off…) But now they’re just loosing touch with reality completely. My next portable player will be a DAP, and I can already promise you it will not be a Sony. As it is I can see no reason for anyone to get a Sony DAP. They are totally overpriced and – more importantly – they are limited in all kinds of ways. (And I doubt they’ll be adding Ogg anytime soon, too…)

No. I’d say that with time, Sony will realize that you don’t get any business if you keep trying to control your customers’ every move. The customers will go to the company that gives them what they want. At the moment Sony is giving them the exact opposite.

Sunday, September 18th 2005

AJAX Can Be Funny

This comic strip is really funny. And I’m such a geek I can hardly believe it.

Thursday, July 7th 2005



Friday, May 6th 2005


These. I’d say they are the first high-quality Firefox flash ads I’ve seen so far. Nothing previously has had that professional touch.

Friday, December 3rd 2004

Optical Illusion

If you stare at this picture for long enough a giraffe will appear:

Optical Illusion