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Wednesday, May 13th 2009


After having watched the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Swedish interval act Tingeling is about ten times funnier than it was the first time I watched it: (Skip to 4.15 for the music part.)

This was done as a parody on Russian culture, and then the Russians themselves go and do exactly the same thing for their real, 100% serious interval act:

But the thing that kills me is that the Russian embassy in Sweden handed in an official complaint to SVT (Swedish television) saying that the parody was humourless and insensitive. (Or something along those lines.)

And while we’re on the subject of interval acts, the best one I can remember was the Stockholm 2000 one:

Monday, March 16th 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009: Sweden

Finally, my favourite contestant won the Swedish final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Can’t remember when that happened last.

Obviously, I have to do my part to promote the song, so here goes.

Malena Ernman won with the song La Voix, which is half disco/techno/pop and half opera. A cool mix, and I hope it is memorable enough to do well in Moscow. At least better than Sweden has done the last couple of years. (18th place both 2007 and 2008.)

Here is her performance in the Swedish final, where I think she sang better than in the qualifying rounds. The powerful bits are less harsh or screamy if you will.

Saturday, May 20th 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Finland have finally done it! Thanks to hard rock band Lordi, Finland have finally won the Eurovision Song Contest! Those in the know will know (obviously) that Finland have been taking part in the contest for 40 years, but have only acheived a sixth place as their best.

Finnish hard rock band Lordi

I really liked the song, since it was a breath of fresh air in the often stale Eurovision Song Contest line-ups. Also, the lyrics contain many humorous details, such as “arockalypse” and “day of rockoning”… 🙂

BBC cover the story here. My sister has all the results on her website.