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Wednesday, August 24th 2011

Canvastavlor beställda

Efter ett år i den nya lägenheten (i Enköping) har vi äntligen kommit oss för att beställa några tavlor till vardagsrummet.

Vi bestämde oss för följande fyra HDR-bilder med Uppsalamotiv, på canvas. Från Crimson, förstås.

Den här första i 100×70 cm:

A20475-20479 - HDR Kvarnfallet II

Sedan 60×40 cm:

A20379-20381 - HDR Spegeln

Och två 30×20 cm:

Kvarnfallet & Upplandsmuseet

A20367-20369 - HDR Islandsfallet

Ska bli väldigt kul att se hur det blir, vi har aldrig provat canvas förut.

Sunday, August 21st 2011

Disable Compatibility Check in Firefox/Beta/Aurora/Nightly

After Firefox 4 was released, Mozilla switched to a so called rapid release cycle for Firefox. This was done in order to get new features out faster.

The idea in principle is great, but sadly this change was slightly rushed. For instance, the update mechanism wasn’t made completely invisible before starting with the rapid releases. This means that users are still getting dialog boxes thrown in their faces with every update, every six weeks. Compare this to Google Chrome which has updated completely silently from day 1, if I’m not mistaken.

For some reason Mozilla also still feel the need to show a first run page after each update, informing you about the update.

Extensions being automatically disabled with updates has been a long-standing problem with Firefox, and if anything it has gotten worse with the rapid release cycle. Ideally the user should never have a reason not to update to the latest and safest version, and this is a huge issue for many Firefox users.

To stop your extensions from being disabled you need to switch off Firefox’s extension compatibility check. The good news is that this is fairly simple. The bad news is that you have to redo this procedure with every new version of Firefox (i.e. every six weeks) until Mozilla work out a better solution.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Check which version of Firefox you have. Go to Help -> About Firefox and make a mental note of the version.
  2. In the location bar, type in about:config.
  3. If you get the prompt, promise to be careful.
  4. Right click in the list of settings and choose New -> Boolean.
  5. Name the new value extensions.checkCompatibility.X.X, where X.X is your Firefox version number.
  6. Choose False in the next dialog box.
  7. Restart Firefox for the change to take effect. Now you should be able to enable any extensions that had been disabled.

The above works for the update channels Release, Beta and Aurora. If you are on the Nightly update channel, you need to put in nightly instead of the version number X.X.

Now let’s hope that Mozilla get their act together and fix the current update mess and do something about the extension problem!

Tuesday, August 16th 2011

Full glugg

Gick ut en sväng på tomten här vid sommarstugan, med 50mm på kameran. Har alltid varit lite rädd för att fota på bländare 1,4 för att det inte blir lika skarpt som vid t ex f/2,8. Men jag säger såhär: Gört bara!

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

Tidig morgon

Riktigt fint ljus i morse – som alltid när man kör till jobbet i soluppgången. Eftersom i dag var enda gången jag börjar tidigt före nästa halva av semestern passade jag på att ta med mig kameran.

Fält utanför Enköping i soluppgångenKorn.Hus i oskärpa.Allén vid Hjulsta säteri.Korn i soluppgången.Vass vid Tynnelsöfjärden.Tynnelsöfjärden