Wednesday, November 24th 2010

Hipstamatic & Instagram

Everywhere I go I see photos made to look like old, dis-coloured polaroids. I’ll admit they sometimes look kinda cool, but I probably won’t get on that train for another few years. Probably just around the time when everyone else is going back to a more natural look.

I guess I have an obsession for image detail, and the thought of mangling my photos with something like Hipstamatic or Instagram hurts a little.

Also, I can’t help feeling the effect is already getting a bit old. When everyone uses it on all their photos we end up with polaroid overload.

Here’s a guy who has even stronger (negative) feelings about these apps.

BTW, I just realized – can you even get the Instagram or Hipstamatic effects on anything that wasn’t taken with an iPhone? Are there any other equivalents which will do this in a browser?

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