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Monday, November 29th 2010

Life Expectancy Over 200 Years

Here’s a relly cool video with a decently crazy Swede (apparently Hans Rosling) projecting life expectancy data from all over the world in a room. Not sure how they did it.

This seems to be a short clip from a tv show (The Joy of Stats), which sounds like just the thing for me. =)

Edit: Here’s a really funny lecture with Hans Rosling.

Sunday, November 28th 2010

Kuwait not banning SLRs

It turns out The Kuwait Times didn’t do their research and published unconfirmed information. So Kuwait isn’t banning use of SLRs in public after all.

Sunday, November 28th 2010

Tre diabilder ur en skokartong

När jag hade min gamla goda Canon EOS 300 (analog) så provade jag att fota någon enstaka rulle diafilm. Och trots att jag haft en diaprojektor så har jag knappt sett dessa bilder alls. Kanske berodde det på att jag inte hade någon duk att rikta projektorn mot.

Hur stom helst. Nu när jag scannade in dem var det trevligt att hitta ett par i mitt tycke hyfsat fina naturbilder. De är däremot väldigt enkla – alla tre har egentligen bara en beståndsdel.

Sunset behind a lone tree.

Den här bilden tog jag på Öland, i samband med att jag gjorde mitt examensarbete om jag minns rätt. Den ser nästan överdrivet behandlad ut, men jag har bara ställt in nivåerna för att svart ska vara svart. Plus en aning brusreducering.

Yellow crocus.

Förmodligen stod den här krokusen i någon av mina föräldrars rabatter.

En kylig vinterdag, någonstans i närheten av Vaksala kyrka i Uppsala.

Thursday, November 25th 2010

Kuwait bans use of SLR cameras

Well this seems completely reasonable, right? There was me thinking Kuwait was one of the more civilized parts of the middle east.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

Hipstamatic & Instagram

Everywhere I go I see photos made to look like old, dis-coloured polaroids. I’ll admit they sometimes look kinda cool, but I probably won’t get on that train for another few years. Probably just around the time when everyone else is going back to a more natural look.

I guess I have an obsession for image detail, and the thought of mangling my photos with something like Hipstamatic or Instagram hurts a little.

Also, I can’t help feeling the effect is already getting a bit old. When everyone uses it on all their photos we end up with polaroid overload.

Here’s a guy who has even stronger (negative) feelings about these apps.

BTW, I just realized – can you even get the Instagram or Hipstamatic effects on anything that wasn’t taken with an iPhone? Are there any other equivalents which will do this in a browser?

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

Ung och bortskämd

Tittade just på det tredje avsnittet av SVT:s första förnedringssåpa, Ung och bortskämd. Det kom inte i närheten av det första avsnittet när det gäller antal gapskratt, men det är lite småkul ändå.

Har hittills fått som jag velat i omröstningarna, men nu hade jag hellre sett att Paulina åkte ut.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

Reworking my favourites

Over time I have realized that during my first few years of digital photography I was very careful when editing my photos. Meanwhile I have become more and more daring with the contrast, saturation and a whole bunch of other sliders.

So I decided to go through all my favourites and re-do them as I would have done if I had taken them today. Some photos have made me wonder why on earth I put them in this collection in the first place, and have been brutally removed.

I have come about half way, but I won’t upload them to my Flickr account until I’m done. But here are a few before-and-afters of the photos I’ve done so far:

Rose hips.

Rose hips.

Apart from lacking in contrast and colour, I found that many photos felt too warm. So I have nudged the white balance slider down on quite a few.

Uppsala konsert och kongress.

Reflection in a glass wall at the Uppsala concert hall.

On the honeymoon.

One of the picnics we had on our honeymoon on Gotland.

Chevrolet Chevelle.

Chevrolet Chevelle.

Here I also thought the cropping was a bit off, so I made it tighter.

What do you think, better or worse?

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

A Day I Won’t Forget

A few weeks ago I stopped by in a magnificent oak meadow along the way to work, by Hjulstabron outside Enköping. I will remember that day for a long time because after leaving the meadow and crossing the bridge I came across a biker that had been hit head on by a car. On a 90 kph (56 mph) road.


He was lying in the ditch. Two other guys had already called the ambulance and were taking care of him. Amazingly he was alive and breathing, but obviously badly hurt and unconscious. One of them asked me to check the deep wound in his leg to make sure he wasn’t losing a lot of blood. Thankfully, he wasn’t.


Three ambulances arrived and I was asked to leave since I hadn’t actually witnessed the accident. He was taken to the hospital in Uppsala. His injuries were life threatening according to the press information from the hospital. I still don’t know if he survived, and I doubt I ever will know.


All in all it was a very strange mix of amazing natural beauty and grim, brutal reality. All in the space of less than five minutes.


Working at a paper I have seen quite a few accident scenes, but somehow this was completely different. Even though I had my camera with me in my car I never thought once of getting it out. It is standard procedure to take shots of the ambulances and the police cars, parked across the road and blocking it for other traffic. I felt a bit stupid when I got to work and realized that I had my camera with me all the time.


Here is the article we published.

Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

Catching Up in Lightroom

It has been a long while since I posted anything here. It has also been a very long time since I took the time to go through and tag my latest photos in Lightroom. This in turn means I haven’t uploaded any photos to Flickr since the 5th of September.

This afternoon I finally took the time to plow through September’s and October’s photos and upload them. Here are a few of my favourites.


Julia having a go on my parents piano.


5 am, on the way to work. Somewhere between Enköping and Strängnäs.


A few of the many, many apples we picked off my parents apple tree.


The view from our flat in Enköping. Not usually very inspiring, but quite pretty for a few days when the leaves went red.


Fried chantarelles.