Friday, April 16th 2010

Back to Basics

Went out for a photo hunt on my bike today. Didn’t find anything interesting. Until I got back to our garden, where I found some very un-pretentious crocuses popping out of the ground.

I did see them on my way out, but thought naw, too boring. On the way back I thought, why not?.

I decided to use my 50mm and my angle-finder to get really low, to make them at least a bit different from the millions and millions of crocus photos flooding Flickr as we speak.

27310 - 2010-04-15 kl 12.5127305 - 2010-04-15 kl 12.4827313 - 2010-04-15 kl 12.5327309 - 2010-04-15 kl 12.5027327 - 2010-04-15 kl 12.58Yaaaawwwwn!

I don’t know, maybe I went overboard with the processing. What do you think?

The bumble bee in the last shot looks like he’s stretching, doesn’t he? And if you flip between these two photos quickly, it looks like he’s doing his morning exercises.

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  1. Angelica says:

    Vilken rolig blogg du har =) Fina bilder!!

    Jag hade en Nikon D60 men kände att jag ville byta upp mig. Jag är supernöjd med min Canon 50D!! Har dock inte haft någon riktig tid att gå ut och fota men det kommer nog snart =)