Wednesday, February 17th 2010

Trees and Snow in Kronskogen

The other day, Mikael Barani showed me some photos he’d taken in Kronskogen. That inspired me to go outside with my camera the same day. But the weather wasn’t really that good for shooting in the woods.

Today though, with a nice coat of frost, the woods sounded like a better deal. So I had a go at catching the silence and cold.

I stuck to using my 50mm and my 10-20mm. I did try a hand-held HDR which came out ok, but I didn’t like it as much as the rest of the photos so now it resides in my Windows recycling bin.

By the way, two of these shots are total rip-offs of the ones he showed me. 🙂

26666 - 2010-02-16 kl 12.2826656 - 2010-02-16 kl 12.2026664 - 2010-02-16 kl 12.2526659 - 2010-02-16 kl 12.2326669 - 2010-02-16 kl 12.30

Since the photos were fairly uninteresting straight from the camera I tweaked the contrast and added a split toning effect. (When a photographer says tweaked he means mashed it so hard it looked ridiculous and then brought it back down a bit.)

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