Wednesday, January 20th 2010

My Canon EOS 60D Predictions

Photoshop mock-up of the Canon EOS 60D

It seems Canon are about to release their 60D fairly soon. Just for fun I thought I would put together a prediction of what I think the feature list will look like.

Here’s a quick summary, then I’ll discuss each point in more detail:

Sensor resolution

I think they will use the 18 MP sensor from the 7D. I doubt they would save any money on using the 15 MP sensor from the 50D. Instead they will turn the heat up as much as possible on Nikon and use the 18 MP sensor.

Frame rate

To keep the 60D from getting too close to the 7D it must be no faster than 6 frames per second. At the same time they can’t make it any worse than the 50D, so it must 6 fps, no more, no less.


HD Video to the same specs as the 7D. That’s to say 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps. Also, the new Live View/Video button should make its first appearance in the XXD series. They probably won’t include manual controls though, to save some goodies for the 7D.


The more I think about it the more I think Canon will include the full 19 sensor AF of the 7D. There is no logical way of removing sensors from the 19 point pattern (see it here) and Canon need all the sensors to keep new camera buyers from choosing Nikon. They might make the possible configurations more limited though.

I would be surprised though if they just stay with the current 50D autofocus, which has basically been around since the 20D. Canon really need to work hard (and seem to be doing so) to stay ahead of Nikon.


Sadly, we’re not likely to see the nice viewfinder from the 7D, which has 100% coverage. Instead we’ll probably just see the 50D’s 95% viewfinder.


I think Canon will re-use the improved 640×480 screen from the 7D, which is more compact than that on the 50D, and works better in daylight. I think they’ll move the buttons back to the left hand side too. (BTW, why don’t specify sensor resolution in the above way? They seem to be reasonably bright people.)

Electronic Level

This is tricky … hmm. I don’t really think this is the kind of feature that will make professionals choose the 7D above the 60D. But Canon probably think so. And as far as I know, Nikon don’t have this feature. So Canon will probably feel safe in keeping this as a 7D exclusive feature.

Wireless Flash Control

Yes, this is a must. Now that Canon has developed the software for this (in the 7D), it would be stupid to not include it. The D90 has had this since August 2008 …

Weather sealing

… won’t be significantly better than the 50D.

LCD Focusing Screen

I don’t think we’ll see the nice LCD viewfinder overlay from the 7D. It will probably be one of the features used to differentiate the two models.

So …

What do you think? Leave a comment!

6 Responses to this post:

  1. Henrik Sundholm says:

    I think I want more money to buy stuff for!

  2. David Tenser says:

    "(BTW, why don't specify sensor resolution in the above way? They seem to be reasonably bright people.)"Disclaimer: I may be confused here. But assuming you're talking about the screen (not sensor), isn't it because they are using some strange technology on these screens that alter the color dots (red, blue, green) at a higher frequency, giving the illusion of a higher resolution than just 640×480 com (which, multiplied by three is 920,000 "pixels)?

  3. David Tenser says:

    Or maybe you're actually talking about the sensor and question their convention of saying 12 megapixel instead of the actual resolution (4000×3000)?

  4. David Naylor says:

    Doh. Yes, I mean the screen.I don't know of any such strange technology, as I understand it its just a regular (although high-res) LCD screen. But the camera makers constantly specify the number of individual dots.640×480 = 300 000 pixels = 900 000 dotsThey obviously choose the largest number just to make it sound better.For some reason the review sites just follow them and give the number of dots instead of stating the more relatable "640×480".To make things worse, sometimes they call the dots pixels… sometimes dots …

  5. Richard Eng says:

    I think Canon will also give the 60D the dual-layer metering of the 7D. After all, it’s in the T2i — why leave it out of the 60D??

  6. David Naylor says:

    Definitely. I just forgot about the metering.