Friday, January 15th 2010

Frost On Everything

The last few weeks have been very cold here in Sweden. But the last few days in particular have offered some very pretty frost.

Even though the temperature was -10 C, we had mist. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it definitely looked like mist or fog. The damp but cold air covered everything in a thick layer of frost.

So, a perfect opportunity for a photo walk bike ride through Eskilstuna with my new lens.

Fors kyrka, Eskilstuna.Frosty tree branch.Klosters kyrka, Eskilstuna.Fors kyrka vid Eskilstunaån.Eskilstuna stadshus vid Fristadstorget.Ducks in the Eskilstuna river.Klosters kyrka, Eskilstuna.Frosty tree.Klosters kyrka, Eskilsutna

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