Sunday, October 11th 2009

Near Enköping

Drove to Uppsala this weekend, in the new car.

25198 - 2009-09-26 kl 19.07

It is slow, but you can get great milage out of it if you think when you drive. This time I averaged 5.5 l/100 km, or 43 mpg if you like. That’s not bad considering it’s a plain vanilla petrol engine.

The lack of power is compensated by a great stereo. So I burnt a cd with various Röyksopp tracks and headed off.

Coming back I found these two beautiful roads near Enköping with autumn coloured trees along the sides.

25339 - 2009-10-10 kl 13.39

25340 - 2009-10-10 kl 13.41

25347 - 2009-10-10 kl 14.02

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