Saturday, June 20th 2009

New Computer on its Way

On Wednesday we ordered a new computer. Not that there’s really anything wrong with the current one (AMD something 3200+), but we both had an urge to play some newer games. Such as The Sims 3 and GTA IV.

computer case

We’ve ordered it from a local shop, Proxdata. They seem to know what they’re doing. Here’s what we decided to throw into the mix:

That should be plenty of gaming power for the time being I think, but if we need more in the future we can add another identical video card and have them run in parallel (Crossfire).

All in all, we’re getting much more punch for the money than the big electronics chains in Sweden are offering right now.

We’ll keep using XP, since we see no real point in upgrading to Vista. Not even Direct X 10 has convinced me. All games seem to support version 9 still, and the visual difference, when there is one, is negligible.

There may be a day when we want more than 4GB of RAM. Then we’ll have to get 64 bit Windows 7, since 32 bit XP can’t use more than 4GB. (I’ll gladly skip Vista, for various reasons.) Until then though, I think we’ll be sticking with XP.

Hopefully we’ll be getting the computer on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then we can get started on the wonderful process of installing all the many different programs that we have on the current computer.

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