Saturday, May 2nd 2009

Avoid NoScript

A note to all NoScript users:

The author of NoScript, Giorgio Maone, has in previous versions included hidden code to tamper with Adblock plus if installed, to prevent it from blocking ads on his own website. NoScript claims to be an extension for increased security. This move clearly shows that Giorgio Maone and all of his extensions cannot be trusted.

I recommend you uninstall NoScript and FlashGot if you happen to have them installed. Personally I always found them very overrated and not very useful.

Just to make things clear. Giorgio was confronted about the hidden code and then removed it. Instead he then went on to add a feature which adds all his sites to the Adblock Plus whitelist, without asking the user. (And if you deleted the whitelist addition, it would reappear on restart.)

This has even led to Mozilla revising the rules for extensions hosted at the Mozilla add-ons site.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that this kind of behaviour doesn’t belong in the Mozilla Addon community, why don’t you write a review and let Giorgio and others know what you think.

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