Monday, April 27th 2009

Paris: Versailles Palace

The first day of our stay in Paris was spent at the Versailles Palace. We were a bit slow getting started so didn’t get there until 12.30 and had to fight a two hour queue to get in.

When we finally managed to buy our tickets it was a great day though.

21665 - 2009-04-07 kl 13.10

The day started off a bit grey, but soon improved.

21669 - 2009-04-07 kl 13.12

Heja Frankrike!

21745 - 2009-04-07 kl 17.00

Endless amounts of art indoors. Flash photography was prohibited, but it was fascinating to see how many people obviously didn’t know how to switch their flashes off. In the crowded rooms flashes were popping constantly.

21738 - 2009-04-07 kl 16.45

21726 - 2009-04-07 kl 16.28

21715 - 2009-04-07 kl 16.08

21771 - 2009-04-07 kl 17.43

21782 - 2009-04-07 kl 18.35

21801 - 2009-04-07 kl 19.36

The gardens were open until 8.30 pm while the palace itself closed at 6. The strange thing was that everyone seemed to go home after 6 instead of staying on in the garden. This made for some good tourist-free shots though.

21805 - 2009-04-07 kl 19.38

2 Responses to this post:

  1. Emma says:

    Åh så vackert. Jag vill också till Paris! Vad fotade du med för objektiv/inställningar inomhus?

  2. David Naylor says:

    Ja, visst var det! Fanns mycket att fota, helt klart.Där hade jag … få se … dels min Sigma 10-20mm och dels min Canon 70-300. Lite olika inställningar, ISO 200-800.Vill du veta exakt kan du klicka upp bilderna på Flickr. En bit ner till höger finns en länke “More properties”.