Friday, November 21st 2008


I was off work today, so I went out at dusk to grab some more HDR photos. I had a few ideas of what to try. They’ve put up the Christmas lights all over town, so I thought I would see how they looked tonemapped.

I went into town at about two pm, thinking I would be there just before they switch the lights on. (It starts going dark at around 2.30.) It turned out I was a bit early and stood freezing for almost an hour.

Köpmangatan, Eskilstuna, tonemapped

While I was waiting I took some shots when the sun went down. The sky was rather dull so I didn’t think they would be very interesting. But I’d say they turned out at least as nice as the shots I got with the Christmas lights later on.

Köpmangatan, Eskilstuna, tonemapped

When my toes were about to fall off and I couldn’t cope with waiting any longer, I went to the paper where I work to get my core temperature back up to normal.

Just as I was about to head off again, they switched the lights on. So I set up my tripod in the middle of the cycle path (why are the best places for tripods always in someone’s way?) and got a shot of Nybrogatan.

Nybrogatan, Klosters kyrka

I also got a few of the main shopping street, Kungsgatan.

Kungsgatan, Eskilstuna

I finished off back at Köpmangatan where I started. I tried making them as saturated as the first ones, but that didn’t really look good. So I went with fairly muted colours instead.

Köpmangatan Eskilstuna, HDR

4 Responses to this post:

  1. David Tenser says:

    Allvarligt talat: allt blir ju hur läckert som helst med de där dramatiska effekterna. Enormt snyggt!

  2. Emma says:

    Ja, mina futtiga flaskor får kasta sig i väggen för de här mästerliga bilderna. Här ser man skillnad mellan dina sju år och mina månader 😉

  3. David Naylor says:

    Tack, tack, vad ni är snälla. 🙂

  4. Abisurd says:

    However much I like the HDRs in your photos, I generally not like those surreal-looking HDRs. They really look unreal and after you’ve seen a couple hundred of those, they start looking like eyesores. I personally like those HDRs that reveal more detail and look more like a normal JPEG albeit at a slightly higher Dynamic Range. At the same time, I have myself made some HDRs in the recent past that are too surreal for my own eyes now.Your work in this post is amazing realizing how little (and dull) light you had to play with. These HDRs make the otherwise gray and dull photos more interesting.