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Wednesday, November 26th 2008

Black and white and square

I have decided to try the square format, as well as black and white. This is a start.

Edit: I have since re-done this photo and chose the original crop.

Wednesday, November 26th 2008


Friday, November 21st 2008


I was off work today, so I went out at dusk to grab some more HDR photos. I had a few ideas of what to try. They’ve put up the Christmas lights all over town, so I thought I would see how they looked tonemapped.

I went into town at about two pm, thinking I would be there just before they switch the lights on. (It starts going dark at around 2.30.) It turned out I was a bit early and stood freezing for almost an hour.

Köpmangatan, Eskilstuna, tonemapped

While I was waiting I took some shots when the sun went down. The sky was rather dull so I didn’t think they would be very interesting. But I’d say they turned out at least as nice as the shots I got with the Christmas lights later on.

Köpmangatan, Eskilstuna, tonemapped

When my toes were about to fall off and I couldn’t cope with waiting any longer, I went to the paper where I work to get my core temperature back up to normal.

Just as I was about to head off again, they switched the lights on. So I set up my tripod in the middle of the cycle path (why are the best places for tripods always in someone’s way?) and got a shot of Nybrogatan.

Nybrogatan, Klosters kyrka

I also got a few of the main shopping street, Kungsgatan.

Kungsgatan, Eskilstuna

I finished off back at Köpmangatan where I started. I tried making them as saturated as the first ones, but that didn’t really look good. So I went with fairly muted colours instead.

Köpmangatan Eskilstuna, HDR

Thursday, November 20th 2008


Aftonbladets rubriksättare visar än en gång sin kompetens:

headline fail aftonbladet

Svensk bebis född
I luften

Tuesday, November 18th 2008

Playing with Photomatix

Klosters kyrka i HDR

During the weekend I got my hands on Photomatix and have started experimenting with it.

For those who didn’t know, Photomatix is software for combining over- and underexposed shots into artistic-looking HDR images.

In the Flickr community, there seem to be basically two camps. Those who love Photomatix and those who hate it. I’ve always been somewhere in between.

The program allows you to create really eye-catching images, but they will look nothing like real life. If you just accept this fact and see these overcooked HDR images as an artform slightly beyond photography, then you can have loads of fun making them, as I’ve now discovered.

Also in defense of Photomatix (not that it needs it) is the fact that far from all photos treated in Photoshop look real either.

Bostadshus i solnedgången i Eskilstuna i HDR

Yesterday I went into town just before sundown with my tripod to see if there was anything worth pointing the camera at. The photos above and below are a couple I came away with.

I’m slowly beginning to learn what all the sliders in Photomatix do. There are a few more than I had reckoned and they don’t all do what you expect them to. The key ones seem to be strength (obviously), luminosity and light smoothing as well as the tone settings (gamma, white point and black point).

Eskilstunaån och Fors kyrka i solnedgången, HDR

Seeing how much fun it is to make these images, you’ll no doubt see more here in the future…

Saturday, November 15th 2008

Kvarnfallet II

Vissna växter vid Kvarnfallet, Uppsala

After going through my photos from Kvarnfallet again I realized this was probably my favourite.

Thursday, November 13th 2008

Largest & Smallest

It’s kind of interesting (to a nerd) to check which of your photos are largest and smallest, with regards to file size.

Looking at my raw image files, here are my two largest photos:

Graffiti on an old train wagon. 12,733 kB.

Overexposed shot used for this HDR. 12,411 kB.

And the two smallest:

the moon

The Moon. 6,542 kB.

A failed firework shot. 6,546 kB.

The largest files are the most detailed. No surprise there. But they also seem to be generally bright, which I can’t really explain.

Tuesday, November 11th 2008


During November, 20 different places or buildings in Uppsala have been lit up in various ways. Here the passage under the railway bridge has been lit up with green from what are usually display windows.

I took the shot while on a bike. 1 sec, f/4 at ISO 400 with my Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm.

Tuesday, November 11th 2008


Kvarnfallet, Uppsala, Sweden

Tuesday, November 11th 2008


Skytteanum, Valvgatan.

Tuesday, November 11th 2008

Twin Towers

Uppsala domkyrka, domkyrkotornen

Wednesday, November 5th 2008

Waiting for a train

Light art, ljusspår

Wednesday, November 5th 2008

By the river

Norr i Eskilstuna

Wednesday, November 5th 2008


Fors kyrka i dimma

Wednesday, November 5th 2008

Thank you America


Monday, November 3rd 2008


Höstlöv mot blå himmel

Taget genom mitt 70-300 mm.

Monday, November 3rd 2008

Snart en fossil

Head light of Volkswagen Polo

Den börjar bli välkamouflerad, Polon som står hos Jennys pappa i Svia.

Monday, November 3rd 2008

Judekörs / Chinese Lanterns

Judekörs / Chinese Lanterns

Grannens Judekörs var finare än vanligt i kvällsljuset.

Bilden tagen med det underbara Canon 50 mm f/1.4 vid f/2.5.

Monday, November 3rd 2008

Top Gear is Back

Here’s the first episode of season 12. I’m downloading as we speak and should have the episode in good time for this afternoon when I get back from work.