Tuesday, August 26th 2008

Firefox 3 being pushed to users

Today is the day Firefox 3 will start being pushed as an update to users of Firefox 2. That means, very soon 20 percent of the internet population will have one of the best rendering engine around with …

These 20 percent will also be safer than ever with the new malware filter.

Here’s the complete list of improvements.

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  1. Ulrich says:

    Hi David, do you plan to bring out your Saturated theme for FF3? I really prefer it and my wife would accept it. If you don’t, she would search around and confront me with a new terrible theme every morning.Thanks anyway.Uli

  2. David Naylor says:

    Haha, that sounds tough!Sadly though I won’t be updating the theme. I made it just as a quick fix for the Firefox 2 theme. It was a simple job.But updating it for Firefox 3 would be a *lot* of work and I’m pretty happy with the current default theme.