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Friday, February 29th 2008

Firefox bug submitted

Today I submitted my third Mozilla bug, “Search using awesomebar locationbar doesn’t always find history entries”.

(The use of both locationbar and awesomebar is to make it easier to find using the search in bugzilla.)

Screenshot illustrating Firefox bug 420271

Here’s the description of the bug I posted to bugzilla:

When I type in a word into the location bar it doesn’t always find the relevant
history entries.

For instance, in the past 60 days (my history cutoff) I have visited the
website “Helgessons kök”, Now when I type
“helgessons” (no quotes) into the location bar I get nothing, even though it
should match both the URL and the page title.

When I do the same search in the History side-bar I *do* find the website. (Se
attached screenshot.)

I have previously submitted one bug for Thunderbird and one for Firefox.

Wednesday, February 13th 2008

Firefox 3 beta 3 is out

The third beta of the mighty Firefox 3 is out now. You know you want it.

If you don’t know you want it, read this great review at Mozilla Links.

Edit: Here’s a full list of improvements in Firefox 3 beta 3.