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Thursday, December 20th 2007

IE8 will pass the Acid 2 test

This is seriously good news for everyone who is planning on making a website in the coming 10 or so years.

What does it mean? Well, here are a few things:

  • The IE team must have started working on IE8 roughly at the same time as they started work on IE7.
  • Finally, IE will support CSS min- and max-widths. (Which I use on this blog to regulate the width of this main column.)
  • Loads less IE layout bugs: Web designers and web developers will be happier at work in the coming decade.

However, there is a big however. The IE team speaks of some kind of switch to make IE8 work in IE8 Standards Mode. Let’s just hope they didn’t choose a non-standard way for websites to request standards mode… (I.e. I hope they’re going to stick with the transitional vs. strict doctypes for quirks mode vs. standards mode.)

Saturday, December 8th 2007

Internet Explorer 8

Cross posted from my comment at the IE Blog:

I must say I’m carefully optimistic about IE8. No thanks to the IE Blog though.

At the moment, the most informational information about IE8 is to be found at

In the transcript of Molly H’s discussion with Billy G there is mention of a new engine.

However, I doubt that the IE team could have built a new rendering engine from scratch in just over a year. Or is that why they’ve been so quiet – they just haven’t had the time to post because they’ve been too busy rewriting Trident from scratch? We can always hope.

The fact that Molly just said what I’ve heard so far is to my liking about IE8 also adds to my optimism.

Thanfully though, I won’t need to care much either way:

  • If IE8 gets it right, I won’t need to care because it will render my websites like all the other browsers.
  • If IE8 gets it wrong, I’ll be too fed up with IE to even think about caring.