Wednesday, August 29th 2007

Why Microsofts New Format OOXML Sucks

In the kerfuffle of the Swedish ISO vote on Microsofts Office Open XML having been bought by Microsoft Sweden and their partners, I found a great page explaining what is wrong with the Microsoft specification.

There seems to be plenty wrong with it. Also, in section four of that page, there is a very telling letter written by Bill Gates in 1998 that indicates how Microsoft operates.

To me it seems crazy that ISO are even considering OOXML since they already have one standardized document format, ODF.

Here’s to using OpenOffice for $0 (that is £0, or €0) instead of Microsoft Office 2007 for around $399 (that is £198, or €292)!

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  1. David Hopkins says:

    I use Word just because it happened to be there, but I have considered switching to Open Office in hope that it might better support different character sets.