Saturday, August 25th 2007

Firefox 3 Shaping Up

A lot of nice features are being added to what will become Firefox 3. The final release will probably be out sometime in November or December.

Here are some of the many improvements that have landed recently in the Firefox code:

I’ve downloaded a nightly build of Minefield and it is looking pretty good, even if the Places interface needs a bit of polish IMNSHO.

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  1. jer says:

    Does all this new stuff do anything about the insufferable bloat and memory leakiness that’s been plagueing me?Ive been using firefox since it was called phoenix, and have to say I’m thinking about going back to pre-1.0 builds, because frankly, back then I didnt cuss at it on a daily basis.

  2. David Naylor says:

    I don’t know about that. I don’t have those problems myself though, and I leave Firefox running for days on end, and I have a truckload of extensions installed. It still remains around ~120 MB.Maybe I tweaked some setting in about:config… I know there is one setting that decides the number of cached pages in the history.