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Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

Crazy Cat, Fat Fly, and More

Meet Wilma, Jenny’s cat. She likes to sit in Jenny’s bicycle basket. For two reasons.

Cat in bicycle basket

She loves to use the mesh for sharpening her claws. And she seems to like the view.

I don’t tend to be an animal person, but Wilma really is the perfect cat. She’s just the right mixture of playfulness, cuddliness and hunter instinct.

Meet Benji. (I think that’s his name, but I may have misheard him.)

Benji, a fat fly.

Benji, as you can see, is a disgusting fly. No playfulness, cuddliness or hunter instinct. Like many of his cousins, Benji couldn’t tell a pane of glass from air. So, let’s move on.

This weekend I finally did what I was hoping to do last May, but couldn’t because my camera was delayed from Canon.

Fritillary, Fritillaria meleagris, Snake's Head Fritillary

A photo session with the Fritillary in Vaksala. The photo above was one of the best in (front of) my eyes. Don’t believe me? Check the rest.

At home, some tulips dad got on his 50th birthday were wilting. For some reason I was lying on the floor beneath them and spotted this angle:

Wilting tulips.

Oh yes, I think I was lying on the floor because I was using the DVD player. Not that I don’t believe in remotes, but I often end up on the floor when operating the video or DVD.

I quite like this photo blogging thing. I might do it more often. Time will tell.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

Redesigning Part Deux

The Rarewares redesign is almost done now.

Roberto was hoping to push the new site yesterday, but then he realized he (or Michael) hadn’t transferred the contents of the Debian pages yet.

He settled on my turquoise and orange colour scheme, so this is what the site will look like:

Screenshot of new Rarewares site

A little different, but quite easy on the eye I think. And, I guess, different is good. Obviously, both Roberto and I think less is more and more is less.

If you’re using Firefox or Opera, you can see the nominated colour schemes I made by clicking [View] > [Page style]. (Or something like that… I’ve got the Swedish version installed here.)

Edit: The roll-out menus still behave rather weird in Internet Explorer 6, but I guess that’ll give everyone a good reason to upgrade to something a bit newer or better. I was trying to make them work perfectly in all browsers, but in the end I gave up and did what I always do: Reward those with new browsers and avoid killing yourself over people with old ones.

Tuesday, May 8th 2007

Summer Job: Web Editor at Eskilstuna-Kuriren

So, I’ve got a summer job at Eskilstuna-Kuriren as their web editor. It’s just perfect really. The only thing that could be improved would be the location. If I had the same job in Uppsala, I would be seriously happy. Jenny would be even happier.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole news desk is using Firefox on the macs they have there. Saves me the trouble of installing Portable Firefox on the desktop, like I had to do at UNT where I did work experience in December. When I think about it though, I’m not sure Portable Firefox works on macs.

I’ve gotten into the job quicker than I thought. The plan is for me to work along side Jörgen until June, when I’ll be replacing him for the summer. But yesterday they told me I’ll be on my own as early as Wednesday. 😐 So I’m a bit nervous about that…

Anyway, it’s a great place. Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Today I handed in my application for a full time job at the web desk. In August they are expanding from one to six full time web reporters. Quite an expansion. Hopefully, me and a few of my class mates from Sundsvall will be part of that expansion.