Saturday, March 3rd 2007

Ethanol-powered Koenigsegg CCXR Gets 1018 BHP

Koenigsegg have just announced that they are making a bioethanol-powered CCXR which will produce 1018 BHP and 1060 nm of torque. That’s 212 more BHP than the standard CCX, which produces 806.

Basically it’s the CCX, tuned to run on ethanol (E85). The ethanol apparently is higher octane than petrol and has a handy cooling effect on the engine.

What effect the upgrade will have on acceleration and top speed hasn’t been stated yet.

When the CCX was launched, it was said that it could be tuned to run on biofuel and that it then would produce 900 BHP. So now it seems as if Koenigsegg have tuned that upgrade to the tune of another 118 BHP.

I’d like to see the this thing do a lap round the Top Gear track 🙂 (The standard CCX already occupies the top spot on the lap time chart…)

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