Saturday, December 30th 2006

Canon/Photography Tip of the Day

Here’s a tip for those of you who have one of Canon’s digital EOS cameras (30D, 5D, 1D Mark II, 400D) and possibly others too:

Turn the contrast down to -4.

This may sound strange. Won’t that make my pictures grey and boring?! you might think.

No, it won’t. But it will bring out more detail in highlights and shadows. It gives the impression of increasing the dynamic range in the photos, even though – technically – it doesn’t.

Below are two example photos. The shown image is at contrast 0. Hover the image to see contrast -4.

Vaksala Church (kyrka)

Vaksala Church (kyrka)

So … the last few days or so I’ve been re-developing all my (~2200) raw image files with the contrast set to -4.


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  1. camilla says:

    hej david! hoppas att du har det bra på praktiken. ville bara passa på att önska dig ett gott nytt år! //camilla