Sunday, October 8th 2006

More Good Documentaries About Bush & Co

There are some very good documentaries on what’s happening in the USA right now. I posted one a few weeks ago. Here are two more, my favourites so far.

9/11: Press for Truth is a documentary about a group of women who lost their husbands in the WTC attacks, and their fight against the official (proven) lies.

Orwell Rolls in His Grave is a revealing documentary about the US media coorporations, and how their agendas are set.

This is important stuff. If you haven’t seen these already, watch them soon. Especially if you live in the USA, and even more so if you have votes to cast in the US elections.

Loose Change, which in my eyes isn’t a documentary – more like a specumentary – has had a lot of attention lately. However, it is not one of the better 9/11 documentaries around. It speculates and there is no end of wild theories and guessing.

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