Thursday, October 12th 2006

Doodle for Firefox 2 On The Way

With Firefox 2 just around the bend, Ogirtd and me have got cracking on updating the Doodle themes – Plastik and Classic. There are quite a few changes that need to be addressed, such as the new RSS behaviour and a few changes to the extension system.

Selection of icons from Doodle for Firefox 2.

We are also adding support for a few more extensions: FireFTP, Sage and Undo Closed Tabs.

Undo Closed Tab icon of Doodle for Firefox 2.

Might also add support for IETab. Actually, I think I’ll get to it right now. Edit: IETab is a great extension which embeds the IE rendering engine into Firefox (gasp!) for those websites which use stoneage layout techniques, etc.

IETab icon of Doodle for Firefox 2.

Update: Added the Undo Closed Tab and IETab icons.

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  1. ogirtd says:

    Although I’m not using “Gmail Space” extension, I just notice it and it’s a nice tool.I’ll add support for this extension before 2.0 release. We already have the icons we need for it.

  2. David Naylor says:

    Ok – which icons where you thinking of?

  3. ogirtd says:

    right & left arrows, reload, up folder, new folder, delete and… that’s it.So far I can’t find a way to change the icons for this extension, because the person who wrote it made it a little hard.I already sent him an email.

  4. David Naylor says:

    oh – that’s a spot of bother