Sunday, August 20th 2006

Windows Live Messenger Sucks (Rant Ahead)

Microsoft never cease to amaze me with their stupidity.

Windows Live Messenger opens all links and web searches in the default browser (as opposed to previous versions of MSN Messenger?), but still forces the user to use Internet Explorer when opening Hotmail. Why, Microsoft, why?

You would have thought that Microsoft, having devised the scheme of default applications in Windows, would respect them. What’s the #¤%&§! point of allowing the Windows user to specify a default web browser if not even Microsoft’s own programs respect the users choice?

Come on Microsoft – grow up and get with the times! Even my non-techie friends understand enough to realize that you’re being really stupid here.

And while I’m at it – it’s just so 2005 to have an advert at the bottom of Windows Live Messenger and every chat window.

Right now I have not one single reason why I should use Windows Live Messenger instead of Google Talk. Let’s see … Google Talk …

Why don’t you get it too?

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  1. ryanne says:

    hi david,you can patch your live messenger from the following link:

  2. Nishu says:

    i installed msn only bcoZ my gf had msn .. it really sucks .. first while downloading it disconnected 10 times to download 2 mb file then b4 downloading installer it scanned comp for 30 minsthen .. installed in another 10 minutesand finally video conf dont work ..

  3. brandon says:

    … going on 3 years later … Live messenger still sucks… What the hell MS?… …You can’t bump ancient threads if they are closed…

  4. WakeUpUncleBill says:

    Windows Live is just another testament to the "we're the only game in town" mentality that is Microsoft. They have sucked for years. Released half baked totally bugged software for years. Bill is rich and doesn't give a damn, and neither do the money grubbers who work for him.