Tuesday, August 8th 2006

Sony Alpha 100 – First Thoughts

The shop I work at now has the Sony Alpha 100 (DSLR-A100) in stock. After having just felt it briefly, here are some thoughts:

1) However, having the stabilizer in the lens has one apparent advantage: You can see the effect, and thus it is easier to make the most of the motion dampening. Try a Canon lens with IS, and you’ll see what I mean.

2) This was one of the first things that struck me – the shutter release is in the wrong place!

All in all it seems a fairly good camera. Personally, I still don’t regret getting the 30D, which for 40% more money feels much more robust. I think it was worth it. Actually, it’s basically just the look and feel of the 30D that makes me prefer it over the Alpha 100. Not everone else will feel the same, of course. If I could have had one of the Alpha 100’s features on my 30D it would have been the anti-shake.

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