Sunday, June 11th 2006

The Top Gear Koenigsegg CCX Didn’t Really Need the Wing

The Koenigsegg CCX beat the Top Gear lap record a few weeks ago, supposedly thanks to an optional wing having been mounted on the rear end of the car. (Episode 4, season 8. Previously, in episode 1, the car had done a rather mediocre lap time, as well as almost killed The Stig.) However, now the Swedish car magazine Bilsport quotes the Koenigsegg press contact Lotta de Salvatore as saying that the record lap wasn’t thanks to the wing – it was thanks to a better chassis set-up.

Here’s a translation of the full article:

Koenigsegg gets Top Gear Wing

After The Stig’s record lap in Koenigsegg’s new CCX it is now possible to get a special rear wing as an optional accessory. It has been named “Top Gear Special Edition”. can reveal the whole truth about the record – and that the wing isn’t really necessary!

But if the truth be told, the wing has existed as an option previously, too, but since the English TV program Top Gear drove the Koenigsegg it is being marketed in a different way. Carbon Rear Wing (Top Gear Special Edition) is the full name of the carbon fibre wing which is yours for € 5,700, about 54,000 SEK.

When Top Gear’s mystical test driver The Stig drove the Koenigsegg the first time it ended with a crash. He complained about the car being too light at the rear, and meant that a wing was needed. For the next attempt, last week, Koenigsegg had fitted a wing, and voilá! This time things went better. Koenigsegg now top the Top Gear list as the fastest car ahead of the Pagani Zonda and Maserati MC12.

But really the wing isn’t necessary, says Lotta de Salvatore, press contact at Koenigsegg.


The reason The Stig went off the track the first time was that we hadn’t had the time to set the car up properly; it suffered from some over-steer.

For the second attempt the CCX had a perfect set-up, which gave it better grip. The wing doesn’t make any difference at the speeds reached on the Top Gear track. Not until you’re driving at 300 km/h will it start to help.

One-and-a-half year’s production sold

Lotta de Salvatore also says that the sales are going well. This year they have sold 17 cars, and next year they count on delivering 30. One-and-a-half year’s production has been sold.

Now the CCX is being launched in the US, which probably will result in more orders.

80 per cent of the market for super cars is in the US, says Lotta.

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