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Wednesday, March 29th 2006

Larger Photos at My Web Gallery

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I should increase the size of the photos on display at my web gallery. So, a few days back I went ahead and did a whole lot of batch resizing of the originals using Photoshop. (Having tired of the Gimp and it’s useless UI…) The photos should fit 1280×1024 screens perfectly. Any smaller sizes will have to scroll to see the full photos, or perhas hit F11 for fullscreen mode.

View from Fiskebäckskil.

I also removed the (evil, 90’s-esque) javascript popup links for the larger view of the photos. Instead they open in the same window now, with a link back to the gallery. Much more user-friendly, especially for Firefox users. Not to mention search-engine friendly.

Långe Jan, at the southern tip of Öland.

I’ve noticed that some photos now have severe jpeg artifacts. My local copies look fine, so something must be going wrong when I upload them. Has anyone got any of idea what might be causing these strange artifacts? I use FileZilla, set to automatically detect binary/ASCII files.

Saturday, March 25th 2006

Doodle is Back!

My old theme Doodle has been updated by ogirtd. He’s done some great work to make it work with Firefox 1.5. Go and get it over at

Doodle for Firefox

Sunday, March 19th 2006

Checked Out the New C70 at Volvo Today

Dropped in at the local (Uppsala) Volvo dealers today and had a look at the new C70. As expected, it’s pretty nice. Took a few shots of the roof being raised:

The boot lid upens backwards…

…and the C pillars come out first…

…upon which the front piece is moved forward.

The boot closes again…

…and volla!

Saturday, March 18th 2006

Doodle is Back!

Thanks to ogirtd (of whom I know very little) the Doodle theme has now been updated for Firefox 1.5! Thanks again, ogirtd!

Sunday, March 5th 2006

Major Firefox 2 News

It looks like Firefox 2 may be getting an anti-phishing feature based on Googles Safe Browsing extension.

While it’s not yet certain that this feature will make it into Firefox 2 (as I read it anyway), it seems to have become just a little bit more likely. The Firefox 2 Feature Draft Plan has the anti-phishing feature listed as a class 3 priority. I don’t know if the current events change that, but… Anyone in the know… er … who knows?