Tuesday, February 7th 2006

Opera 9, Technical Preview 2

This is not a full review of Opera 9 (TP2). Just a little pointer to a few things I like about it, things I think Firefox should have too. 🙂 Alright, alright, Opera fans, it’s all about copying features.

Opera 9 Tab Preview feature

The title is visible at the top of the tab, and the other informations doesn’t feel essential enough to outweigh the clutter it creates. I doubt that this is something that should be in the default Firefox install though.

The improved content blocking à la adblock initially seems to work fine. Does anyone know how it remembers what to block? If a different ad is displayed in the position where I blocked an ad a few days ago, will that also be blocked? If not, this is useless. If it is, this is useful. Adblock still has a slight edge on Opera though, with the ability to import a ready-made filter. Also, Opera doesn’t seem to be able to block Google Ads, should you wish to do so.

As for the widgets, I’m not entirely convinced of their usefullness. At least the widgets available now seem to be of limited value. Maybe the possibilities go far beyond the present ones. I get a feeling this whole widget thing is a bit overrated – a fad or a craze if you like.

All in all, Opera 9 looks very promising. I almost thought Wow! and This is something I could use permanently!. But I just can’t get used to the behaviour of Ctrl+Tab. I want it to be instant, as in Firefox. Not a big issue, but I just can’t quite get used to it.

Edit: Fixed a typo in the title.

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