Friday, February 10th 2006

Koenigsegg CCX – Faster Than the CCR?

The Koenigsegg CCX, half covered by cloth.

I’ve read two (identical) articles stating that the upcoming Koenigsegg CCX might be even faster than the present CCR. But then there is this article, which makes it sound like it will only be a renamed CCR. Does anyone know the truth? It would be great if Koenigsegg could get something out there to compete with the Veyron for the world record.

But then again, since they call this the US version it seems most likely it will only be a rebadged CCR… But why are they covering it like that in the press photos? (Which aren’t available att How on earth would they get more than 806 bhp out of that V8?

Edit: Changed the picture for the one now available at Koenigsegg’s website.

Update: Norwegian VG has now stated that the CCX will get 900 BHP!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a new car and todays online-paper in .no have an article about the first buyer (who had the an old ccr also) which also lists some specs: 900 bhp, 1180 kg 0-100kph 3,1 secs topspeed 400+ kmph, price 510000 euro (plus taxes) if you can read norwegian the article is here: 😉