Tuesday, January 31st 2006

IE7 Beta 2 (Preview) Released

I just noticed that IE7 beta 2 has been released. Sounds like the IE team know their stuff. It has (almost) everything that I love about Firefox. The only things I can think of are…

However, even if IE7 were just as good as Firefox on every point, or even slightly better, I would still stay loyal to Firefox. Simply because Firefox gave me this perfect mix of simplicity and features way before anyone else did. Why walk out on the guy that saved you, just because the guy who left you out in the cold for four years says he’s going to be good again?

If I only could get SP2 to work properly on my computer I would install IE7 in order to test this site and others. Since SP2 had a habit of drawing random turquoise lines across my screen, I won’t be doing that. So I’d like to ask anyone reading this in IE7 to report back to me about how things look. This is what things should look like:

Screenshot of what my blog should look like.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    DavidYour site loads reasonably well. The main issues are formatting ones (no indentation of the bulleted items in your Volvo article, and minor text layout issues. (ex. in Firefox your IE beta article appears in in paragraph form breaking at on [on every point] for the first line. In IE the first line ends at before [before anyone else] with before appearing after the dotted line in the “My Websites” area.Overall it just looks like minor formating changes are needed to render properly in the 5296 build. If you’d like me to send you a few screenshots to your gmail account so you can see how your site is rendering, let me know (I’ll check back here periodically).

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is to confirm that site looks OK to me (I am using IE7 beta 2).

  3. David Naylor says:

    anonymous 1 – screenshots would be great. Thanks for the help!

  4. Anonymous says:

    DavidJust checked your site in IE 6 in XP with SP2 and all patches installed and it shows the same behavior as IE 7 beta 2 as mentioned in my first message to you (so the problem isn’t specific to the beta).

  5. David Naylor says:

    Ok – that’s how I thought it was.Do the transparent PNGs work properly? Do the link backgrounds light up when hovered? Does the pale N in the header look as it should?