Saturday, January 28th 2006

Google Clarifies Their Chinese Censoring

The Google Blog has a good post about their Chinese launch and why they think they did the right thing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about if Google invested the same money they are sinking into strengthening the Great Firewall, into BREAKING the Great Firewall?Can’t we use technology to free people instead of to find new ways to enslave them?It’s not hard to think up ways to have a search engine use encryption or other technologies to deliver uncensored news and links past the Great Firewall. But if Google’s assets are at risk of seizure by the butchers in Beijing, it will never happen.One day, if un-courageous people continue to put profits over principle, this same technology will be used against us.Google, will you accept this challenge? To break the Great Firewall, not become part of it?

  2. xeen says:

    Ha… Google gave that up long before. I knew that Google filters or filtered the results for the German version long before there was any news about Google entering the Chinese market. In the specific page they banned a Nazi page with a proper name so this wasn’t because of the spelling or because of the used language. I forgot tis name though. I guess this page was illegal under German laws, but why exactly that page? I mean, there probably 1 billion other pages to ban (well probably because Germany=Nazis or something).I bet US Google is and has been censored for years.As un-understandable for us it is today why the censoring and suppression worked in former times, it’ll be for grand grand grand children why it worked today. History is repeating…And the probably most disappointing or frustrating thing is that most of the people do believe in the Government’s (or whoever is responsible) arguments that’ll be revealed later as clear lies…(Let’s see how long it takes before I’m jailed for criticizing “those”…)

  3. David Naylor says:

    xeen, the Googleblog post specifically says that they already are censoring US, French and German searches “in order to comply with local laws”.:-|

  4. xeen says:

    Yeah, it’s strange that Google needs to expand to China to make the people uproar. But I guess it’s only called censoring in China and I don’t know “child pron prevention” or something in all other countries. The basic rights aren’t worth anything. Freedom of opinion… as long as it’s ok for the specific government…As most people only speak up to three languages and those are probably mainly western languages (English, French or Spanish) I guess that it doesn’t take much to censor critic voices from elsewhere, e.g. from Asia or Arabic states. So basically, it’s the same for us, as for the Chinese – maybe we’re in a bit better shape than them, but you got what I mean.