Thursday, December 22nd 2005

MSNBC Has a Great Firefox Article

MSNBC has published a great review of Firefox 1.5. It raises a few good points:

It also talks about a few of Firefox 1.5’s weaknesses.

I know* at least those two issues will be fixed in Firefox 2.0.

They also claim that Firefox’s bookmarks managing system is no good. Not sure that I agree with them there. It maybe isn’t optimal yet, but it sure is lightyears better than IE’s and at least as good as any of the other bookmark managers out there.

*) Based on the Firefox 2.0 Product Plan Draft.

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  1. david says:

    hi, any plans for updating doodle classic to be compatible w/ ff 1.5? that’s my favorite extension, and i can’t stand using the nbt (next best thing), which is “scribblies”… please update =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I second that! I only could stand using Firefox once I found your Doodle Plastik skin..I wish Firefox and Thunderbird would check to see if the skins/extensions you’re using have a compatible upgrade at the beginning of the install and give you the option to cancel if they don’t.