Tuesday, November 1st 2005

Firefox Fixes

The last few days have seen two small but visible and important improvements to Firefox 1.5:

I also noticed that Firefox now asks if I want to save my gmail password. At first I thought this was a Firefox fix (or workaround, because Gmail had set it up not to save on purpose) but after hunting around a bit it seems like Gmail have simply removed the autocomplete=”off” attribute that they have used until now.

While searching bugzilla.mozilla.org I learnt of a simple way to bypass that attribute, should you come across it at some other site: in about:config, set the wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride pref to true, and Firefox should simply ignore it. However, I would still advise you to never save passwords for online banks and suchlike if you do turn this pref on.

Update 2005-11-04: Having tried the pref I mentioned above, it doesn’t actually seem to do anything. I presume it is no longer used, so as to ensure that people don’t go saving bank passwords, etc.

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