Wednesday, October 26th 2005

My New Screen: Acer AL1722hs

Last week I bought myself a new screen for my computer. I went for an Acer AL1722hs. (High-res photo.) It’s pretty neat. It has the ability to pivot, which is great for basically everything except gaming, and possibly film-watching if you’re into that kind of thing.

Acer AL1722hs


It’s big (enough, 17″), responsive (8ms), bright (300 nits) and has good contrast (700:1). The native resolution is 1280×1024, which means you get loads of webpage on the screen in one go when the screen is pivoted.

If you’re about to buy a 17-inch flat screen you may have thought about the fact that the 1280×1024 resolution doesn’t have the normal 4:3 ratio – it’s 5:4. I was thinking about this before I bought it, and was wondering if that wouldn’t mean that the image would be skewed. Anyway – no need to worry: the physical dimensions are also 5:4, so a circle will still be round.

Furthermore, it’s adjustable in all thinkable directions, which makes it easy to find your optimum position. Overall I’m very satisfied so far, except for one small thing: It seems when the screen is in it’s normal orientation it’s difficult to get it exactly straight. The stopper which stops you from rotating it anti-clockwise cuts in a degree or two too soon.

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