Wednesday, October 26th 2005

Is the iAudio X5 the DAP of My Dreams?

Well, it’s pretty close at least. It has good, solid Ogg support – at least from what I’ve read over at Hydrogen Audio. It has a nice colour screen. It has radio. It has 20 GB. It can record (to mp3) on-the-fly, with a small built-in microphone, from the radio and from the line-in connection. It doubles as a portable drive. And it can show video and photos. So what does this beauty cost? Well, here in Sweden the best price seems to be SEK 2,790 + about 99 for delivery, which would equal about $414. It must sound pricy to those who live in the US, but I guess electronics in general are more expensive here.

The only problem now is – when would I use it? I don’t tend to use the portable players I have all that often. Also, I’ve just spent ~$400 on a shiny new screen.

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