Wednesday, September 28th 2005

Spyshots Of Upcoming Volvo C30

Hans G. Lehmann has done it again. This time it’s the Volvo C30 he has caught on film. The spyshots are pretty clear, even if the car is camouflaged from the door pillars and back.

The following is a computer rendering (?) of what the C30 probably will look like, by Motor Forecast:

New Volvo C30 impression

Not bad, if the real car turns out to be anything like this. (Judging from the tease Volvo released previously it probably will. Can’t find a link – sorry.)

It’s great to see Volvo expanding their model range, in both directions. (Even if it was a while since the XC90 was launched.) I just hope they can keep up with updating all these models at the required pace. The C30 is definately something I could consider as a first car, if I got a nice job. 😉 The C30 should also help them reach their target of 600,000 cars sold annually.

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