Wednesday, September 28th 2005

PimpZilla – The Coolest Firefox Theme Ever?

PimpZilla must be the coolest Firefox theme ever made. (Screenshot) It has it all: fake pink fur, leopard skin and a bling bling factor of about 12 (out of 10). Unfortunately though, it isn’t yet compatible with the soon-to-be Firefox 1.5. Can’t wait.

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  1. Jose Jeria says:

    Haha, this is really the coolest theme I even seen!

  2. Carsten says:


  3. David Naylor says:


  4. Daniel Talsky says:

    I think it’s fairly clear that this is the best Firefox theme ever. Yes, it’s pimp, yes, it shines like gold. Yes…it’s fuzzy. But it’s also clear and usable and has pretty icons for every damn thing.