Thursday, August 25th 2005

The Canon 5D is Almost What I’m Wanting

Of course, the term wanting is a broad term. Maybe I should say The Canon 5D is Almost Something I Could Buy. But it’s just a tad too expensive still, at around $3,300, for my student budget. 🙂

The Canon EOS 5D

The ideal digital SLR (for me) would have around 8 megapixels, be capable of about 3 or 4 frames per second and would have a full size image sensor. It could cost about $1,000 or so. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if it were even cheaper… The reason I would prefer a full-size image sensor is so that I can use my current Canon EF lenses without quality loss. (If I were to use a digital SLR with an image sensor smaller than the default 24×36 mm the chromatic aberration of my (fairly cheap) lenses would be magnified by the same factor as the rest of the picture. (Often 1.6 times with Canon’s digital SLRs.)

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