Sunday, July 17th 2005

Official Shots of the New Volvo C70

Volvo have just announced the new C70, as well as publishing several photos of the cabriolet/coupé.

The new Volvo C70, seen from the front.

This is one gorgeous car if you ask me. It looks like a hot coupé with the top up and it looks like a sleek cruiser with the top down. Well done, Volvo! I especially like it from the angle above (larger version). (I have updated my little graphic at the top with the new C70.)

At a first glance, the front of this car looks almost identical to the S40. Somehow though, it feels smoother and more elegant. If you do a side by side comparison you can spot quite a few differences. Firstly, the strips on the bumper have been removed. Secondly the V-shape of the bonnet stretches all the way down under the bumper. Furthermore, the sub-bumper grille (what’s that part called?) has a smoother look and the lights, V-shape, bonnet and bumper all are more rounded than on the S40. Also, the sides of the car are quite different when you think about it.

The rear is best studied in this photo. In a previous post I was wondering where they’d stick the C70 badge, since there isn’t really room between the lights and the number plate. (That’s where the badge is on the current S40 for instance.) Turns out they’ve stuck it under the lights instead, just like (I later realized) they did on the old C70. It’s a real shame they couldn’t hide the aerial though.

Hopefully, they’ve also stuck a big whopping stereo unit in this car, just as they did in the old C70. (For those of you who haven’t got the details fresh in your memory: 4x60W and 10 Dynaudio speakers. An optional 4x100W Dolby Pro Logic system, with 13 speakers including two 9-inch subwoofers built into the rear seats.)

Edit: I just thought I’d add a few words about the engines. It sounds like the 220bhp turbo will be the top option. That’s a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully, Volvo will get to their senses and later install a 260bhp+ engine in this magnificent looking car.

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