Friday, July 22nd 2005

Firefox 1.5’s Sanitize Needs a New Name

One of the new features in Firefox 1.5 (Deer Park) will be what has so far been known as the Sanitize feature. It basically consists of a menuitem which brings up a dialog, with which you can wipe all or parts of the personal data that the web browser has gathered during web surfing – i.e. cookies, web addresses, etc. The only problem is the name of this feature. The word sanitize somehow gives the wrong associations… Thankfully, this is being worked on. I agree with Ben Basson that Clear Tracks would be a much better label for this functionality. Mainly because it describes what is being done, without making me think of toilets. 😉

Update (2005-08-22): The feature in question has now been named Clear Private Data, which is even better than Clear Tracks if you ask me.

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