Tuesday, April 19th 2005

SP2 Turns AMD 3200+ Into AMD –3200

Today I decided I’d have a go at installing SP2 for Windows XP. Having heard of the various problems people have been having with SP2, I made a system restore point before starting.

I wasn’t really expecting any problems, thinking “Oh, I’m sure those things won’t happen to my computer”… Well, it turned out, SP2 made my AMD 64 3200+ (relatively speaking now) extremely sluggish. Everything that had previously been quick as a flash (like raising and lowering windows) was now excruciatingly slow. Windows were slowly rolled out over the desktop instead of just being maximized. Also, it decided to paint vertical turquoise lines of various lengths all over the screen.

So, after about one minute I decided to get rid of it. Thankfully, that wasn’t too difficult. I first went to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalled it from there. After the computer had restarted, I did a system restore back to the point I had saved before starting the installation. Now things are back to normal. And, strangely, the bug which pushed me into trying SP2 in the first place seems to be fixed now. (Dragging shortcuts from submenus of the Start menu to the Start menu itself didn’t work.)

So far, I’ve stayed safe by just using Firefox for (basically) all my surfing, Thunderbird for email and by using the NAT firewall in our WLAN router. (Plus an up-to-date antivirus of course – AVG 7.) That has been enough security to prevent any spyware or adware from getting in. The worst intrusion I’ve had so far has been a few tracking cookies. (Most of which have got in through Internet Explorer, for some strange reason.) I guess I’ll just have to cope without SP2 in the future too.

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  1. Dwight Brown says:

    Have you considered that SP2 may have fragmented your boot drive badly?I didn’t have such problems with SP2 and I was an “early adopter”I created a Slipstream CD and re-installed Windows XP SP2, however. Since I figured that would be more efficeint.