Tuesday, April 19th 2005

Opera 8 Officially Out Today

Opera have now officially released version 8 of their browser. I welcome the simplified default toolbar setup, which in version 7 could be pretty dauting even for a nerd like me.

Still, I find that Opera are a little inconsistent when they choose to always show the tab bar as default. The statusbar has long been set to auto-hide as default to maximize page space – why not hide the tab bar when only one tab is open? (I know there is a “show only when needed” option, I’m just wondering why it isn’t ticked as default.)

Also, the popup blocker in Opera 8 doesn’t seem as efficient as Firefox’s. When checking my website stats at my.statcounter.com I get a popup which I never get when using Firefox.

Update: Opera.com seems a little under the weather rigth now.

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  1. dakira says:

    Hi David,I can’t reproduce that popup. Do you get it after logging in? I agree with you the page-bar should be auto-hidden by default. I also noticed your preferred setup. Maybe I can warm you up for my fav setup which is a little more compact (status bar included). There is also a nice (and legal) way to buy Opera for merely EUR 8,- .. licenses for all platforms included (mobiles, too).

  2. David Naylor says:

    Yes, I get that popup after logging in. (Not necessarily straight away – I can’t remember now.)Your setup isn’t bad, since there are mouse gestures. So how do i get Opera for €8?