Thursday, March 17th 2005

Microsoft being Microsoft

At the beginning of March we could read the following at the IE Blog:

We know we have a lot more work to do in addressing our consistency issues with CSS and furthering our coverage of these standards. Expect to see more detail on our plans in IE7 in the future.

Now we can read that IE7 will (according to unofficial sources) not include full support for CSS2, just like IE6 doesn’t include full support for CSS1. (The IE team are claiming it does, but judging from how this CSS1 test page displays in IE6 it clearly doesn’t.)

So, congratulations all fellow website devs – we all just got another five years, or so, of hair-tearing and endless IE-hacking.

Update: I just found this petition asking the IE team to include (real?) standards support in IE7. I would probably have worded it slightly differently myself, but the basic message is there.

Update 2: Robert Scoble just wrote I’m also telling you that the support for standards is changing at Microsoft. Stay tuned. in the comments to his post about the Acid2 challenge.

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