Tuesday, February 15th 2005

IE 7 beta to come this summer… yeah right!

It seems Microsoft are planning to release an IE7 beta for WinXP SP2 this summer. I must say it sounds very much like a ‘hang-in-there’ message to all the corporations out there thinking about switching to Firefox… After all the betas and delays, I would expect a final IE7 to be out no earlier than spring 2006, which isn’t much earlier than the planned release of Longhorn.

Reading the description of what is to come, IE7 sounds like little more than a glorified XP SP3.

Also, I believe “maintaining compatibility” is equal to (practiacally) not touching the rendering engine. So, don’t hold your breath for real CSS or PNG support…

Blake Ross of the Mozilla Foundation has produced an interesting time-line of recent events in the browser sphere.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It has arrived and is much better than that buggy firefox rubbish

  2. David Naylor says:

    You’re of course entitled to your opinion. But have you read any of the major website’s browser comparisons?