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Friday, December 3rd 2004

Optical Illusion

If you stare at this picture for long enough a giraffe will appear:

Optical Illusion

Friday, December 3rd 2004

Inventive spammers

Read a post over at F-Secures blog were they write how the owners of one of the spamvertised sites attacked by Lycos Europe’s ‘Make Love Not Spam’ campaign got their revenge:

In an interesting twist, apparently one of the spam sites under attack from Lycos’ “Make Love not Spam” operation has turned the tables. The front page of a spammer site called (which used to sell cheap mortgage loans) has been changed to contain a Meta Refresh tag, redirecting all web traffic to…

Heh. You can’t win. But then again, that’s one spammer site not generating any income …

Friday, December 3rd 2004

Germany on Fire!

Mozilla Europe has successfully published an ad for Firefox in FAZ, one of Germany’s largest papers according to Tristan Nitot. The concept of the ad is similar to what has been planned for the NYT Firefox ad. Spiegel Online has an informative article [translation] covering the push. They write (if I understand Google correctly) that the heading ‘Fire!’ is used in the meaning ‘Attack!’, as well as symbolizing the passion of Mozilla developers. Nice touch.

It’s great to see that these campaigns really are getting a lot of coverage around the world. I presume it’s quite possible that more people learn of Firefox through the secondary publicity an ad like this generates, than through the ad itself.

Friday, December 3rd 2004

Bad habit

Oh – I just noticed. I already have a bad habit when blogging. I’ve started all my posts so far with ‘well’. Oh well…

Friday, December 3rd 2004

Beautiful Bird

Well, I downloaded the first Release Candidate for Thunderbird 1.0, and it’s looking pretty good to me. Some people are complaining it doesn’t yet have the polish of Firefox 1.0, and in some areas I must agree. For instance, I don’t think they should ship Thunderbird without real, built-in help. But the improvements made to the default theme are great – it’s a real joy to look at and use!

On a sidenote, I haven’t had much time lately to update my Doodle theme for Thunderbird. (It still only supports TB 0.8.) I’m right in the middle of a course about nature conservation and environmental law. (I’m off to an exam in a few minutes…)

Thursday, December 2nd 2004

Let's get this baby moving …

Well, this is just a post to fire up my shiny new blog, and for me to try it out a little.