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15 January 2008

Uploading 4,600 photos to Flickr

After having å ä ö spent many, many hours keywording all my photos using Lightroom, I have now uploaded all the photos to Flickr. (Here's why I didn't go with Zooomr.)

Obviously I had to get a Pro account for unlimited uploading and storage. With the dollar being so cheap though it was a steal at SEK 160.

The uploading of my ~4,600 photos took roughly four whole days and nights on my ... umm, modest Internet connection. (2 Mbps down, 256 kbps up.)

Now I have a wonderful, searchable, keyworded archive of all the photos that I've taken with my dear EOS 30D. Here, for instance, is a search for leaf:

Flickr screenshot, warped in Photoshop

Both Flickr and Zooomr have pretty nice AJAX style uploading. Flickr's would only (?) take 400 or so photos in one go. I uploaded the photos as private, but allowed friends to see them all. I have then gone through them all and (so far) selected 673 photos that I've made public.

One really nice thing is that I can write captions for the photos in Lightroom, and when I export the photos the caption is saved to the IPTC info, which Flickr reads and understands. Three cheers for standards and compatibility!

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