Doodle for Mozilla Firefox

by David Naylor

Update Log Made the Yahoo Companion Toolbar look as it should, added a depressed state for the main menubar items (Plastik), improved look of 'saveToFolder' button in the download manager, made the autoscroll arrows work for the bookmark menus, improved the feel of the back and forward buttons (finally!) and removed the large throbber. Fixed the issue with the strange image context-menu menuitem. (Classic) Updated to work with 1.0RC and (hopefully!) 1.0 final. Improved the support for Toolbar Enhancements and Stop/Reload. Added support for Zoomy and the Offline Extension. Fixed some issues with the menubar and the menus when using large fonts.

1.5.9 Added support for the Stop/Reload extension. Ported the recent fixes for the Tabbrowser Extensions from Víctor's Plastikfox theme. Fixed the Linux issue with documents looking like folders in the filepicker. Added support for the disappearing update toolbarbutton. Updated the Send Link menuicon to the new one used for TB. Mirrored the magnifying glass in the various search icons (looks better this way with the arrows in find toolbar buttons for instance). Made a new pop-up info icon. Fixed the go-button not reacting properly to being clicked in the plastik version. Removed gaps in the statusbar which appeared when using Doodle Plastik with Toolbar Enhancements, as well as rotating the grippy for vertical toolbars. Made greyed-out icons for the statusbar (inspired by the Red Cats theme). Fixed the layout of the about:plugins page. The searchbar has been fixed for both theme versions. Thanks again to Víctor. Fixes the lost control-buttons for full screen mode. Fixed a few menuicons which had gone missing.

1.5.8 Includes full support for 1.0 PR. A toolbarbutton and a menuicon have been added for ChatZilla, as well as menuicons for the mail-related menuitems. Plastik style radio-widgets have finally been added. Polished up the statusbar a little. The Plastik theme versions fix a bug which could cause crashes on certain sites (when using Linux). (Thanks Víctor for the bugfix!) Various minor bug/polish fixes.

Version of the 'Classic' versions fixes a bug which caused the icons on the Find Toolbar not to appear.

Version 1.5.7 adds support for all the post-0.9 Firefox features. The menu icon code has been revamped to work in the international versions too. The progressbar has also been improved, both in the status bar and the download manager. A bug with the tabs, causing occasional vertical black lines, has also been fixed. Full support for Web Developer 0.8 added, as well as for MiniT.

Version 1.5.6 fixes the long-standing problems with the buttons of the Extensions & Themes Managers. Update notification icons have also been added.

Version 1.5.5 fixes alignment of the Options panel buttons (Plastik), adds the small extension buttons, Extension Manager watermark and other things. Still problems main buttons in Extension & Theme Managers...

2004-04-29: v1.5.2 Bugfix: Small icons-mode back-button went all BIG before. Thanks to Dariusz Zelazny for the "bugreport"!

2004-04-27: v1.5. Go get it! (I've made the dropmarkers respond now.)

2004-04-28: v1.5.1 Minor detail polish. Fixed the search-bar border back again. (I removed it because it was behaving strangely in some nightlies).

2004-04-23: v1.4.14. Basically a 1.5 release candidate. More bugfixes. Removed the subskins for now.

2004-04-23: v1.4.13. Polish: Fixed cursor over search-bar icon, appearance of search-bar, alignment of bookmark menuitems & icons, added a few menuicons, removed old-style window-resizer of the Download Manager, added new-style color-pickers and some other minor details.

2004-04-22: v.1.4.12. Polish: Fixed progressmeter, download window, checkboxes, sidebars and maybe a few other things. Only minor glitches left now, if any. Ready to go!

2004-04-20: v.1.4.11. Fixed a couple of bugs with the new style: Back & Forward buttons, tree columns, textboxes and a few other things.

2004-04-18: v1.4.10. Part(l)y Plastik! Toolbarbuttons, buttons, menus - the lot - have been given a new look! The changes consist of parts of the Plastikfox Crystal SVG theme which I have applied, for a fresher and more modern look. (Many thanks too Victor Fernandez Martinez!) Until it is bug free (v1.5) though I will keep 1.4.9 up here.

2004-04-11: (1.4.9) Fixed the missing small QuickNote & QuickPrefs toolbarbuttons, adjusted the alignment of the cutemenu icons and fixed the missing search-bar dropmarker in Firefox 0.8+.

2004-04-10: (1.4.8) Fixed a major bug in the mail-button build (which caused Firefox to crash), and released for both PC & Mac. Support for Web Developer has been updated to support the latest version, 0.7.

Update 2004-03-23: Uploaded a Doodle build wich supports the mail-button available in the latest nightlies. Also fixes the bug which adds space to the right of the back and forward buttons.

Update 2004-03-04: Mac OS X version now available for download. I haven't tested it personally, but have received help from the folks down at

Update 2004-03-02: Updated to v1.4.6. Updated the button icons, tweaked them slightly by sharpening them. Fixed a few bugs, for instance the separators on vertical toolbars which, when using the Office 2003 subskin, didn't look as they were supposed to.

Update 2004-02-24 (v 1.4.5): Bugfix for Office 2003 style subskin. (The invisible Go-menu.)

Update 2004-02-23 (v 1.4.4): Added Office 2003 style subskin.

Update: 1.4.3. Updated some of the updated css files from the original Firefox theme.

Update 2004-02-11: Improved the structure of the jar so as to skin extensions even if they are installed after the theme installation. Added Firefox logo to the about box.

Update 2004-02-08: Added support for a handful of extensions: Web Developer Toolbar, Search Button, Copy Image to Clipboard, QuickNote and QuickPrefs.

Update 2004-02-02: Minor bug fix update, 1.3.3. Fixed the list-style-images which appeared on the menu of the Toolbar Enhancements 'Cookies' toolbar button.

Update 2004-01-30: Updated the theme to 1.3.2. Added a set of subskins - for details see the Theme Options page.

Update 2004-01-24: Updated the theme to 1.3. The main progress since 1.2 is that cutemenu style icons now work on the menus and the context-menus. The theme now has no less than 34 different menu icons. Also, the regular buttons have been given a slightly different look (see the screenshots), and tabs and bookmark toolbar folders have been made more responsive.

Update 2004-01-15: Released version 1.2.3. Oops. Sorry about that folks. There was a C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L bug in 1.2.2. Try this one instead. It works.

Update 2004-01-15: Released version 1.2.2. Fixes a few bugs. One which made the tabpanels of the Page Info dialog black, and another which broke the Stop/Reload button of the Toolbar Enhancements in small mode. I've now added pressed-in states for the Bookmarks Manager buttons as well. Updated a few icons I had previously forgotten.

Update 2004-01-13: Released version 1.2. (For nightlies 20031120+.) Updated the buttons of the Javascript Console. Added pressed-in states for all toolbar buttons, hence the 90kB size increase. Changed the style of the toolbarbuttons again, now giving them a Rounded Corner 3D™ look. Changed the look of the tabs from the Qute-look to the Doodle-look ;-).

Update 2003-12-27:
Version 1.1: (For nightlies 20031120+) Total redraw of all graphics for a smoother and more consistent look. Added skinning for the new Download Manager and the Download Alert box. Hover states added to the Toolbar Enhancement buttons. The Cutemenu style icons on the context menus were added (in v 1.0) with help from Stephen Clavering (Clav) and Rue. To see them you need to disable Cutemenus in the Extensions pane of the 'Options' dialog.